'Othala' Magazine

Rune meaning: 'We inherit ourselves"
Othala's Blueprint:
A print publication that questions and dissects the sentiment behind objects that which may otherwise be dismissed as frivolous or temporary. (Much like print as a medium).

'Othala' is a place to share stories about momentous people told through sentimental objects. Its aim is to correlate positive representations of people with items in their life, in an effort to further share the power of kindness, gentleness, strength and potency.

Issue One
Currently available for pre-order, Othala's limited edition first issue explores the themes of identity, consumption and nostalgia. Articles include 'Point of View of a Debit Card on Student Loan Day,' as well as 'Me, Myself & My Awkward Teenage Phase' where I rather embarrassingly discuss that time I rocked Rockports, a canary yellow Berghaus and a gold coin ring my clicked-and-collected from Argos...
Payment & Delivery
You can choose a convenient way of payment: by debit card or Paypal.
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As for delivery, all of you magpies will be pleased to find that every magazine will be delivered in a metallic envelope (padded of course) alongside a personalised message, because I really am about that sentimentality...

All magazines will be delivered within four working days of being purchased.

Story and process
The impetus for this print publication is twofold: (1) My love for tangible experiences, and (2) an interest in questioning the Western world's obsession with overconsumption.

The entire publication has been designed, written and photographed by me, Bekki Ramsay.

I make no profit on this side project but instead an inner happiness of making people question their consumption habits.

If you'd like to contribute to Othala's second edition feel free to email me at othala-mag@hotmail.com (or via Twitter/ Instagram).

I'm currently looking for people who:
Collect a particular item
○ Own a sentimental object (with a story behind it)
○ Would be willing to write a letter to an item of clothing they own
○ Curate for a living i.e. graphic designers, artists

Thank you!
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